Reflexology (60 mins)

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Nearly everyone can receive and benefit from a regular Reflexology treatment.  Reflexology is where I began my own healing journey back in 2002, and it has remained a therapy close to my heart ever since. Your feet hold so much information about your health picture and this relaxing therapy is a perfect way to restore a sense of balance both physically and emotionally.


A bit of history:

We know from ancient texts and pictorial evidence that the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and Egyptians worked on the feet to promote good health. Today, many of these techniques have been adapted and developed into the complementary therapy and healing art that we now call Reflexology.

Reflexology is an incredibly relaxing therapy based on the belief that the feet are like mirrors of the body. Quite literally, a ‘reflection’ of the body can been found on the feet.

Specific reflex points are connected to each part of the body by way of a flow of energy. Or if you find it hard to envisage it from an ‘energy’ point of view, it is also true to say that there are thousands of nerve-endings on the feet – in fact over 7000 of them are stimulated during a treatment.


How you can benefit from Reflexology:


  • Help calm, soothe and relax body and mind

  • Encourage the release of 'feel-good' endorphins and as such may help improve your mood

  • Relieve tension both in the feet and the rest of the body

  • Aid sleep as a result of promoting relaxation

  • Offer an improved sense of balance and well-being


As a teacher once told me “Feet create the movement for change. Heads think about it, hands handle it and feet do it!” Reflexology is a holistic treatment, working not only on the body as a whole (rather than particular symptoms in isolation), but also on the mind and spirit. Subtle yet powerful changes can take place over time, leading to a greater sense of inner contentment, peace, harmony and balance.

By using various techniques to apply pressure to the reflex points, treatments stimulate natural healing mechanisms within the connecting area of the body and enhance overall health, relaxation and wellbeing.  

By working solely on the feet, a Reflexologist can detect imbalances and energy blockages in the corresponding areas of the body. These imbalances may or may not have been experienced as physical symptoms by the client, and may even relate more to emotional imbalances which are also ‘stored’ within the body. Even visual observations and the smell of your feet can give great insight into health and personality traits.

Regular treatments have proven effective in relieving many physical and emotional symptoms. Treatments are a wonderful form of relaxation and preventative treatment for symptoms that might otherwise have appeared later down the line if balance and wellbeing were not restored. In addition, Reflexology can highlight imbalances so that clients can use this information to make positive lifestyle changes for themselves.