I am happy to offer massage throughout your pregnancy, with shorter 30 minute or longer 60- minute massages available to ensure you remain comfortable throughout.

Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, you will be massaged lying on your back, semi-reclined or on your side. Pillows, cushions and blankets are available for support and comfort of your bump. There will be no massage on or near the belly and all potentially abortive acupressure points on the feet/ankles and hands and will be avoided.


Massage therapy during pregnancy may help alleviate various physical complaints including oedema; lower back, pelvic and hip pain and leg/foot discomfort, as well as relieving pressure and strain on weight bearing joints, muscle and connective tissue.


I often combine a massage with maternity reflexology during this precious time of your life as the two therapies complement each other perfectly.  The abdominal and pelvic reflex points on the feet can for example still be accessed despite directly avoiding the belly during the massage. Having received both treatments during my own pregnancy in 2016, I wholeheartedly recommend this option.

Pregnancy massage (30/60 mins)