Therapeutic Massage - (60/90/120/180 minutes)

Choose the length of treatment that suits you!  No two massages are the same, as my style of massage is such that the techniques and pressure used are very much tailored to individual requirements on the day.  We all store tension differently. Not only will I be looking to observe and feel where tension is being held, but I also work intuitively, where the work comes very much from the heart.


Massage can have a profound effect not just on the muscular system, but on all systems of the body - skeletal, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic, endocrine, reproductive and nervous systems.  I look at the body as a whole rather than a treating a tight area in isolation, making this a truly holistic treatment that can be used as part of your wellness programme.


Having trained with the Raynor School of massage, Raynor massage draws on influences and techniques from various massage theories, including Thai, Shiatsu, Hawaiian, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Swedish, Ayurvedic, Remedial and Acupressure. I aim to locate the source of tension in the body and effectively eliminate it leaving you feeling looser, lighter, more relaxed, balanced and tension-free.


Constant muscular tension and tightness in the body reduces flow of blood, oxygen and lymph to our muscles and organs as well as restricting the flow of our subtle energies (chi/prana). This in turn can limit the body's ability to eliminate toxicity and retain good health and vitality. As the massage works to shift and release the tightness that obstructs flow around the body, people report the massage helping with a wide range of chronic and acute symptoms, including:


  • Aches and pains

  • Injuries

  • Fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Oedema

  • Problems sleeping

  • Digestive disorders

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Menstrual complaints



Massage does not only benefit us on a physical level.  Emotional tension caused by various acute and chronic stresses can be held within the physical body. Many of us for example can feel tension in the belly area when we are nervous, or tightness in the neck and shoulders when we feel overwhelmed with ‘to-do’s’. This means that by releasing physical tension in the body, we often feel better able to cope emotionally as well.  It is no wonder that so many people turn to massage when they feel stressed, anxious or depressed.


Raynor practitioners believe the feet, head and hands make up the main 'anchor points' for tension in the body, so I will often include these areas within a massage depending on what a client presents with. However, the massage may of course also include work on the legs, arms, neck, shoulders back, hips and belly.


The depth of the massage will be established according to individual needs on the day. Sometimes, actually feeling tightness in your body can feel a little sore at first, especially when we have been used to holding the tension for some time, and subconsciously resist 'letting go' of it. But ultimately I want you to feel great for having a massage and so I will only work within your depth thresholds and encourage use of the breath to help with the release of tension.

"Whether it's a yoga class or a personal massage Gemma always takes the time to understand individual needs, abilities and limitations and applies her extensive knowledge with caring, sensitive compassion. Highly recommended. "

Ruth Gregory


Please note: massage excludes all private areas of the body

Massage Therapy