Detox Programmes


What is a Detox?

A detox is essentially a change from our regular diet that allows the body the opportunity to cleanse itself of accumulated waste.

Far from acknowledging that the body might need a helping hand sometimes in its cleansing duties, we often believe that it will always eliminate toxicity efficiently by itself, no matter how good or bad our daily diets are.

We forget that we add to the toxic load in the body just by going about our daily lives, not just through what we eat and drink but by way of emotional stress, exposure to chemicals (for example in the air, food, plastics and cosmetics), drugs and medicine, vaccination, heavy metals and EMF energy… not to mention the wastes produced by the body’s normal metabolic activities.

I believe that a detox is all about relieving some of the pressure on the system and providing it with a menu that helps the body to balance its pH and shed some of the toxic backlog that all of us have. We’re giving the body a bit of a holiday… an inner spring clean!

Setting aside a dedicated time to cleanse allows us to focus our attentions on our health, something that is often put to the bottom of the list of priorities.  A great way to kick start an ongoing intention to improve what you put into your body.


Whilst we can set aside a time to cleanse at any time of the year, I suggest choosing a time that’s in line with both our instinctive need to shed toxicity and the cycles of nature. The beginning of spring when we are coming out of our winter ‘hibernation’ and the beginning of autumn when we are starting to prepare for the colder months ahead are ideal times.  The body is instinctively transitioning between seasons and wanting to cleanse more. (Have you ever noticed more people usually experience the symptoms of a cold around these times?)


I can provide you with

  1. A detox programme especially for you, beginning with an initial 2-hour natural nutrition consultation, in order that your cleanse is designed with your unique health picture in mind.

  1. A 7-day structured menu of what to eat and drink from getting up in the morning until bedtime. The menu is based largely on what is available and in season in the UK at the chosen time of year. The menu may include vegetable juices, smoothies, soups, salads and other vegetable-based meals, depending on the season and will also take your specific likes and dislikes into account.

  2. Shopping list

  3. Pre-cleanse information to help you get the most from the week

  4. Detox pack which is posted out to you 1-2 weeks before the start, allowing time to peruse the plan, ask any questions and stock up on the items on your shopping list.

  5. Email support and advice before and during the week to help you complete the 7 days

  6. Advice on naturopathic techniques and supplementation that can be used during the week to promote and support the cleansing process.

  7. Post-detox nutritional plan of action to keep you on track after the 7 days.


This is an ideal opportunity to kick-start a cleaner way of eating whilst being true to where you are right now on your healing journey.  Some people will require a much more gentle approach to cleansing than others.  All this can be discussed during your consultation so that you feel completely prepared and happy with the plan I put together for you.