Natural Nutrition

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

Natural Nutrition encompasses so much more than just dietary changes and supplements. Whilst changes to your diet and supplementation will likely form part of a personalised programme where appropriate, Natural Nutrition is a truly holistic approach to nutrition which in turn can create a powerful opportunity for change.


Over the years, I’ve realised that none of us should have to settle for sub-standard health and yet so many of us do!

Getting older shouldn’t mean deteriorating health.  We don’t need to live in fear of what our genes might throw at us. We don’t have to live with and accept chronic complaints such as frequent headaches, poor digestion, skin problems, menstrual complaints and aches and pains, or go through life with the ‘label’ of having a certain illness and believing we are stuck with that illness for life. 


There is no freedom in maintaining any of these limiting beliefs.  Natural Nutrition creates the space, freedom and opportunity for change that our body needs to shift such beliefs and learn how the body can thrive and restore health no matter of age, genetics, or current health situation.  This is hugely empowering.

Natural Nutrition nurtures the following within each of us:

  • Empowerment and personal responsibility – understanding our own body well enough to know what it needs at a given time to restore balance and harmony and trusting that our body will ALWAYS do the best it can for us given the conditions we provide it with. Understanding that we can also have control over the way many of our genes express themselves.

  • Listening and Trusting to what our body is telling us when we feel sick and knowing that illness can lead to positive shifts, cleansing and personal growth. It's easy to feel annoyed when we get ill and blame external influences, but just as the survival of every living organism depends on its environment, the same applies to the survival of bacteria/germs within the body. They only survive when the environment allows them too. Change the environment within your body and you change the nature of what can live in it…and with that the potential of what it can achieve.

  • Understanding and Reconnecting with Nature – not only by way of eating food as close to its natural origin as possible, but by becoming more aware of the natural processes, natural rhythms and cycles that are occurring within us right down to cellular level and around us at universal level. As part of nature, we are connected to it in more ways than we could imagine and a journey with natural nutrition allows us to learn and get back in touch with just how deeply everything around us influences us, from seasonal rhythms to lunar cycles and planetary movements.

  • Inner Wisdom - Accepting that we have all the knowledge we need within ourselves rather than looking externally for someone or something to cure us. The knowledge is already there. It’s knowing how to access it and actually ‘feeling’ what is intuitively true for you as a unique individual.

  • Looking at the whole picture – Knowing that what is ‘healthy’ for one person isn’t for another. It doesn’t work to simply look at symptoms or at a labelled disease to know how to treat it, because this is just one aspect of someone’s health rather than all of it and it is ultimately all interconnected.

Natural Nutrition Consultations can address all this by:

  1. Providing knowledge on what is (and is not) appropriate for us to eat and drink as unique individuals… and also acknowledging that this may well change during different stages of life and even at different times of the year.

  2. Working with well assimilated supplements as and when the body is ready for them.

  3. Looking not just at what food we put in our body, but how we prepare it in order to maximise digestion and absorption.

  4. Using naturopathic techniques to support rather than suppress your body as you make dietary changes. These tools are a powerful way of ensuring that the body is not overwhelmed by toxicity released through a cleaner diet.

  5. Re-hydrating the body.

  6. Removing stress and fear within the body.

  7. Lightening the toxic load in the body.

  8. Re-nourishing the body.

  9. Addressing, where appropriate, many aspects of our life style and how they affect us,
    for example - the quality of the food, drink and supplements we consume, the effect of EMF – wifi and mobile phones, the use of plastic, organic versus non-organic food, the use of drugs/medication, vaccination, prolonged stress and dehydration.

  10. Ensuring that the environment within the body is conducive to health and vitality – this includes looking at pH (acidity/alkalinity), temperature, hydration and light availability.

  11. Using the valuable wisdom of ancient healing systems such as the Chinese five elements, Meridian theory and Ayurveda to gain further insight into how and why imbalances have occurred in the first place.

  12. Encouraging change at cellular level which has subsequent effects on all aspects of our being. If our cells can communicate better, we will demonstrate this outwardly in our everyday lives as well.

  13. Allowing the time to discuss your ‘story’ in depth with an initial 2-hour consultation and understanding the build up to your current health picture. We look back at the health of grandparents, parents and at your own health chronologically from birth, piecing it all together in order to provide you with a personalised programme that will set you on the road to unravelling and correcting imbalances.  Follow-up consultations – 30 minutes / 60 minutes – in person, by Skype or telephone.