I have used the therapeutic, healing powers of essential oils for many years now as part of my natural medicine cabinet and to make my own natural concoctions.  I am an independent wellness product consultant for DoTERRA  ( and regularly use their essential oils in food, homemade cleaning products, shampoos, bath oils, body oils, deodorants, lip balms, and candles as well as diffusing them regularly at home.


I am hugely passionate about the healing properties of essential oils and I now feel it is about time that I use my knowledge and love of aromatherapy within my business as well. As such, I am currently training as a clinical aromatherapist.  As part of my studies, I am required to use a tailored blend of essential oils within massages for willing volunteers after a thorough initial consultation to determine the most appropriate oils to use


More information on Aromatherapy will follow soon, but in the meantime, I look forward to this new addition to my work.



Please note: massage excludes all private areas of the body