• Gemma Edwards

My 'Start as you mean to go on' Green Smoothie

I love including vegetables at breakfast time. It makes me feel like I've given my body a nutrient-rich start to the day and this in turn motivates me to continue the trend for the rest of the day, hence the name of this smoothie. Of course, it can be eaten (as oppose to drunk, as we still ought to 'chew' our smoothies) at any time, and its a great on-the-go choice, but I find people generally find it easier to include a salad, soup or other way of consuming vegetables later in the day, but struggle more to get their heads around veg for breakfast. This is a great solution. Choose organic vegetables where possible. I add an optional drop of DoTERRAs lemon essential oil, as I really feel it gives this smoothie that extra 'something'! In addition, I love giving my body the extra polyphenols and other health benefits provided by pure essential oils and it blends well with the fats in the avocado.

makes 1-2 servings

1 small avocado

1 stick celery

5 cm chunk cucumber

5 cm chunk courgette

1 large handful leaves - e.g spinach, chard, lettuce or whatever you have available

1 slice lemon (organic, unwaxed, include the rind)

1 slice fresh ginger (approx 1cm thick, but add more/less as you wish)

1 slice fresh turmeric

approx 100ml organic apple juice (less if want it less sweet, slightly more if starting out and needing a tad more sweetness)

1 drop DoTERRA lemon essential oil (optional)

1 scoop DoTERRA TerraGreens or other greens powder of choice (optional)

Water (to desired thickness - I tend to ensure all the vegetables are more or less covered with fluid)

1) Blend all ingredients, pour into large glass and enjoy!

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